How many terms in a school year?

August 12, 2021

The UK is well known for providing a generous holiday allowance for the teachers and students as well. That is why a UK school academic year is divided into three terms of thirteen weeks with a week holiday following each and a half-term break in the middle.  

UK school years align to make it easy to start studying or teaching as soon as you qualify. The British academic year starts from September till July.

In the UK, the first school term starts in the month of September, and the entire academic calendar usually concludes in mid-July. The academic year in the UK is split into three terms with one and two-week holidays in between every term. The best part is that you don’t have to study for more than six weeks without a week off.  

And surprisingly, the UK gives you 13 weeks in an academic year so you can travel, relax or spend the vacations the way you want. And especially during the summer break, at least six weeks in the schools is a perfect time to relax and enjoy.

Here is how the UK has divided the whole academic calendar  

Autumn Term

The Autumn term starts in early September and finishes during the third week in December.  

And the half-term break is at the end of October that is for one week

Christmas holidays for two weeks  

Spring Term  

The spring term begins during the first or second week of January and finishes in April.  

The half-term break is during the mid of end of February for one week

And Easter holidays during spring term are for two weeks  

Summer Term  

The summer term starts two weeks after the Easter holidays and finishes during the third week of July.

The half-term break is during the End of May month for one week

And the additional summer holidays are for six months.  

An excellent and relaxing schedule giving enough time to study and relaxing as well! The UK has made it easy for the students and teachers to make the study environment a more comfortable and productive learning environment.  

Along with the holidays, the schools also inform about the school closures. Schools are the responsible authorities to provide information about unexpected or planned closures. If there is a bad weather condition in the area or any storms, you will get notified by the school through a text message, email, telecommunication, or social media channels.  

Additionally, there might be a planned school closure for the development days that may use up to ten days and staff training and school development to share the professional learning and development and preparation for the upcoming year. Whether it be a part of planned or non-planned school closure, parents will get notified about it.  

Bottom Line!

Without pressurizing the students and the teachers, the UK government has given enough time or breaks to rejuvenate the souls and prepare themselves with the same passion and dedication for the next term or academic year.

Article by - TEL Gurus

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